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Good article.

One problem though. It isn't the first time that the US has used biological weapons on China (in recent times) or any nation for that matter (since WWII). They all simply contain it without responding with aggression because they desperately want to avoid direct conflict or WWIII. If your reasoning is that China wants to maintain their stability and authoritarian rule:

"One word. Sustainable. China realizes that so long as living standards are lower than in the West and is exposed to the Western Ideals through education, business and tourism its people may become dissatisfied with their authoritarian system."

What do you think would happen if China engaged in a hot war with the US? The resultant political instability could remove the communist party from power.

Believe it or not, this is just one assault in a long line of assaults towards China and the rest of the world. The dominant position of the US rests with its exorbitant privilege, US dollar reserve currency status which allows them to fund a global military and 50 years of uninterrupted war. The only way to respond is to remove the dollar as reserve currency so the US will think twice about the feasibility of hegemony. Coincidentally this is exactly what China has been doing with Belt and Road, Iran-Saudi peace deal, BRICS etc. This is the art of war.

The desire for the Anglo-Saxon empire to impoverish their own populations is an endogenous and secular trend which China is not party to. It's due partly to the fact that the empire is overreaching and partly due to financial crises, but fundamentally due to the long term decline in ROI in western economies. The west is all heading towards Japan, a zero growth economic paradigm, and the elites in the west are simply more aggressive and have completely given up pretenses on letting wealth trickle down.

China would be happy for the populations of the west not to be impoverished, in fact they agreed to support the reintroduction of manufacturing in the West through a trade deal with Trump. Coincidentally we had COVID and the deal never materialized.


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