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Good article.

One problem though. It isn't the first time that the US has used biological weapons on China (in recent times) or any nation for that matter (since WWII). They all simply contain it without responding with aggression because they desperately want to avoid direct conflict or WWIII. If your reasoning is that China wants to maintain their stability and authoritarian rule:

"One word. Sustainable. China realizes that so long as living standards are lower than in the West and is exposed to the Western Ideals through education, business and tourism its people may become dissatisfied with their authoritarian system."

What do you think would happen if China engaged in a hot war with the US? The resultant political instability could remove the communist party from power.

Believe it or not, this is just one assault in a long line of assaults towards China and the rest of the world. The dominant position of the US rests with its exorbitant privilege, US dollar reserve currency status which allows them to fund a global military and 50 years of uninterrupted war. The only way to respond is to remove the dollar as reserve currency so the US will think twice about the feasibility of hegemony. Coincidentally this is exactly what China has been doing with Belt and Road, Iran-Saudi peace deal, BRICS etc. This is the art of war.

The desire for the Anglo-Saxon empire to impoverish their own populations is an endogenous and secular trend which China is not party to. It's due partly to the fact that the empire is overreaching and partly due to financial crises, but fundamentally due to the long term decline in ROI in western economies. The west is all heading towards Japan, a zero growth economic paradigm, and the elites in the west are simply more aggressive and have completely given up pretenses on letting wealth trickle down.

China would be happy for the populations of the west not to be impoverished, in fact they agreed to support the reintroduction of manufacturing in the West through a trade deal with Trump. Coincidentally we had COVID and the deal never materialized.


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Yes of course, neither side wishes a hot war, as this puts their Elites in danger.

China’s CPC was created as a model for future governance by the Rockefeller and Yale Elite. David Rockefeller termed the experiment a great success in 1973 when China was given the seat at the UN with help from the UN ambassador, a Yalie named George Bush who would then go on to be our defacto ambassador in China before becoming CIA Director . As President Bush continued MFN and technology transfer despite Tiananmen . His son as President would permit China entry to the WTO despite the Spy Plane Incident. David Rockefeller during this period facilitated the financing of Chinas modernization and build up.

One might say China was Made in USA. Name one other “communist” country that received such favorable treatment. Certainly not Cuba or the Soviet Union

My main point was that much of the geopolitical conflict between the two is largely Fake Wrestling. Not that there is not competition in certain areas . The Elites control government. In the West they are outside government, in China the Elites make up the most powerful seats in the CCP.

The potential military conflict over Taiwan is to feed their respective MIC’s and keep the military on their side. Taiwan means little to either, just an excuse to perp the population united against an external enemy.

They have agreed to adopt the Chinese authoritarian system which is no more Communist than America is a Democracy with free market capitalism. Both are more Fascist in all but name. Partnering private capital with government, also call Public Private Partnerships. Both have an equal degree of wealth inequality with the top 1% grabbing a disproportionate share

They both are working together to lower living standards in the West, cap Chinas population living standards at current levels, reduce population, reduce per capita consumption in the West while capping it in China, and eliminating democracy and freedom as we knew it in the West while creating the illusion we still have it

COVID is helping achieve these goals, so that is why China agreed to go along with COVID. They locked down their citizens at the beginning of the Pandemic and end of 2022 for a virus not much more harmful than a cold to most healthy people

As for BRICS. China has been nominated as the ambassador for this Global Project. Many countries are rightly distrustful of the 250 year old Anglo-American Empire and many would love to see it collapse. China is the hero which will rescue them from American Imperialism. They are the Trojan Horse for the Western Elites who seek the Great Reset and to Build Back Better replacing the current system with a Digital Gulag

At the end of the day we shall see a Global Republic of sorts. The Elites will sit at a Round Table and rule over National or Regional Governments. Globalism will be reserved for the Elites and their Technocrats. Populations will be herded into huge Smart Cities cut off from nature and all aspects of their lives monitored and controlled.

This is the Utopia that drives the Elites of China and the West.

As I said, the greatest obstacle to achieving this Global Paradise was in the liberal Democracies of the Developed World in the West. Operation Covid was specifically targeted at them .

It was a resounding success

That Phase I deal was not a great success. It had more to do with IPR protection than restoring American manufacturing. Coming as it did a few days after China released the sequences, a week before DAVOS and Wuhan lockdowns I see it more as a cease fire as both countries put aside their differences to implement OPERATION COVID

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What's happening is that the core of the western deep state is at war with everyone, including the less war hungry parts of the US establishment. China is not working with them but attempting to avoid the worst case scenario and protecting itself from their assaults. The China lockdown was programmed by Ian Lipkin who to, borrow the phrase, came in like a Trojan horse and set up their CDC, testing regime and ideological orientation to outbreaks after the first major US bio-attack on China in 2003 with SARS.



Gao is an Anglo-Saxon fifth column in China, trained at Oxford, worked under Farrar and showered with Welcome Trust money.

China's lockdowns are a product of careful infiltration and ideological subversion accompanied by extreme caution because they rightly believe being attacked with a bioweapon from the US is on the cards.

With respect to population reduction, China has for the last decade been aggressively trying to raise their population. The one child policy was a requirement for China to be allowed to enter WTO and receive foreign direct investment, manufacturing capabilities etc, they simply didn't have a choice. With respect to impoverishing working people world wide you would have to have brain rot to think China is building infrastructure around the globe and streamlining imports from African countries, cancelling billions in debt while doing so, because they want to impoverish anybody.


The reason why it's so hard for anyone in the west to genuinely understand the balance of power, alliance, intentions etc is because most in the west don't understand the west.

Take for example your description of Rockefeller scheming to build China's capital base. Neither Rockefeller nor the US establishment at the end of the day had a choice. The US needed to offshore production to get lower costs in order to replete profits because they were suffering balance of payment problems - from the Vietnam war - and suffering such extreme domestic strife trying to deal with it in the early 70s - Volcker shock - they were literally having 5 bombings per day for years.


The Trump deal was years in the making. It's clear that SCV2 was intentionally released by US elites to make it impossible.

China isn't co-operating, at worst they have a fifth column operation running amok.

The part in this narrative you've subscribed to that is always left out and never explained is what recourse do the historical Anglo-Saxon elites have to control China when it rises? They don't, and they know that, which is why they make moves to contain with the intention to destroy China. What kind of alliance is that? No the truth is they are endlessly paranoid about each other and seek hegemony.

For the rest you assume that you can know the intentions of the CPC are equivalent to the elite in the west. You see in China simply a mirror of capitalism in decay but if Rockefeller et al. were Chinese citizens they would have already been arrested.


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Well, I think we agree that the Western Elite and Deep State have infiltrated China. How deep it goes is not provable. Having lived in Shanghai I don't wish their system on anyone, but that seems to be where we are going.

China is pretty resource poor so building infrastructure in countries that can provide them with resources makes sense. The BRICS countries will adopt the coming World Order proposed by Putin/Xi which just happens to be what Western Elites want despite the Fake Wrestling. Any World Order proposed by the US alone would be rejected out of hand by most countries

Of course, before the New Order can become official the US and European Populations have to be beaten down and so demoralized they will not protest much, and the digital gulag being built will come down hard on the dissenters. This process is ongoing and will continue for the foreseeable future.

The Anglo-Saxon Elite gladly sacrificed the British Empire and jumped across the pond to New York/DC when it was clear the US was to be the next great power. They will be happy to do so again if needed.

I don't see Chinas has as much of an edge over the US as the US had over Britain. There will be a power sharing agreement. They cant risk a nuclear war, so I see much of this as Fake Wrestling to serve as a distraction for the takedown of Western Civilization as we knew it, and Build it Back Better to be more like China

Maybe I am wrong, in which case we will probably all fry. I’ll probably be the first to go on Taiwan

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Time will tell, but you should know that the uncritical "they're all working together" narratives are being disseminated by people who don't really know history in any detail.

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