like your writing style better than mine. glad you get it: less about what I wrote and more important to read the links, which takes awhile.

the best one on self spreading vaccines:


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Sep 8, 2023Liked by Pete Lincoln

I’ve speed read this and only skimmed ( previously) Jim Haslam’s work. I think you put forward an important case but it’s too complex and time consuming for most to read. If either of you could put this into a video format I think it would get more traction. It’s hard to understand the overall picture when you are so detailed here.

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I am not really trying to get more traction. My posts are my way of helping me understand, and I share what I find and my thoughts for those that can handle it. Videos are not my forte.

I suppose I could try to simplify it, but I doubt I would get much more traction. Like 9/11, most people on both the left and right simply don't want to believe it.

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The Virus The Virus The Imaginary Virus

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